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UAV World Conference—a 2-day virtual conference that is your gateway to qualified information on UAV (also known as drones or UAS) safety, operations, standards, legal questions, and flight techniques. Throughout this conference you will learn and hear from highly qualified pilots who combine years of aviation and drone experience, and work in general aviation and UAV/drone industries.

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This is the first virtual conference in the history of UAV and production, and we are excited to welcome you to the future of trade conferences; the online exchange and experience. You will have the opportunity to network with others in the round table virtual rooms, communicate with session instructors and other attendees, ask questions (anonymously or publicly), and have access to media and session recordings post-conference.

This conference is aimed at the corporate, enterprise, and infrastructure UAV operation, and for those looking to incorporate an UAV/UAS to their business for commercial work. Filmmakers, oil/gas line inspectors, roofing maintenance/repair, law enforcement, firefighters, private investigators, solar panel installation/repair, the field is wide and deep.
Whether you’re looking for the latest information on Part 107, grasping the depth of drone use in the commercial world, seeking the best images from your aerial camera, or seeking ISO standards in safe practices on drone deployment, this conference is for you.