What Exactly is a Virtual Conference?

luisa-part107_03It’s the best of both online/self-paced training and in-class education. A virtual conference allows attendees to save costly travel expenses while focusing on the learning experience. It is the ability to learn at your own pace, with an easy-to-use and interactive interface.




The Benefits of the Virtual Conference


A virtual conference allows the attendee maximum flexibility as sessions are broken into time-efficient segments, making it easy to maneuver between sessions throughout the conference. Unlike attending a physical conference, virtual attendees may easily jump back and forth between sessions.


Attendees will also have the ability to re-view any sessions missed during the live conference. That’s right! Even though there are three educational tracks LIVE with presenters on Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17, during the UAV World Conference, attendees will have access to the session videos until the end of the year! (December 31, 2016!)


The UAV World Conference presenters and moderators are here to make this virtual conference the best interactive experience possible for each attendee, surpassing some of the challenges found even in face-to-face sessions at a live training conference. Our trainers are highly skilled professionals and veteran speakers and known industry conferences such as Post|Production World and NAB Show.


The virtual conference allows you to save time and money by removing all the expenses associate with travel. You can learn from the comfort of your home or office without sacrificing the quality of your learning experience.

What to Expect at the UAV World Conference 2016

Happy Man Using Desktop Computer And Headset At Home

The training sessions at the UAV World Conference (UAVWC) have been produced with the virtual environment in mind. Each session will offer interactivity with the presenter through a chat window (private or public), or with the ability to raise your virtual hand. The UAVWC presenters will also engage the attendees with interactive polls and questions. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions along the way, as each session will have a moderator assisting to ensure that no question goes unanswered; that includes any technical issues that might rise.

Virtual Networking

UAV World Conference offers numerous networking tools. A virtual conference actually makes networking easier: it eliminates searching rooms and exhibit halls for other like-minded attendees. The UAVWC virtual conference allows attendees to connect and network via a virtual, interactive environment. With just a few clicks, attendees can meet speakers; collaborate with peers, and participating sponsors.

Specifically, UAVWC will host a room dedicated to attendees for the duration of the conference. The UAVWC Drone Café is a place where all attendees can gather, collaborate and ask questions.
UAV World Conference will also offer meeting services; helping attendees plan dates and times to meet to discuss ideas together, privately.

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What is the Virtual Conference Environment Like?

On the day(s) of the virtual conference, attendees will be welcomed by a virtual greeter who will highlight all the resources and locations that are available in your conference and learning environment. The interface is highly intuitive and will quickly direct attendees to the sessions, tools, and sponsor resources they seek.

Attendees will be encouraged to take a virtual tour of conference to familiarize themselves with all of the available events spaces including:

  • The Lobby where attendees will arrive after registration. Attendees will be greeted and shown the lobby highlights and all the necessary hotspots for the conference duration.
    • Hotspots provide entry to all of the conference’s virtual areas. The 107 Training Hall, Flight Standards Room, Flight Potential Room, Drone Cafe (i.e. networking lounge), Sponsor rooms, Resource Centre and Information & Tech Help Desk.
  • Virtual Training Hall & Rooms will host the live sessions being presented by UAV World Conference presenters.
    • Choose a session to attend. Unlike the physical world where you are unable to attend more than one session at a time, in a virtual session, you are able to come/go from the virtual classroom with a click of a mouse. While it’s still impossible to attend two sessions at the same time, UAV World Conference will offer all the sessions as Video On Demand (VOD) until the end of the year. The VOD will include the live Q&A from each session to increase the level of comprehension for attendees watching the videos post-event.
  • The Sponsor Area: The Sponsor Area gives attendees the ability to browse sponsors of the UAV World Conference. Sponsors will have their own area to showcase their products and services.
  • The Drone Café: This is the UAV World Conference virtual networking lounge allowing attendees to drop in to connect with other attendees

    and ask presenters questions. Attendees and presenters can mix and mingle in cyberspace via one-on-one instant messages and open chat rooms. Check the Drone Café for

    • Initial MEET & GREET on day one of the UAV World Conference
    • Posted questions and answers of your fellow attendees
    • Scheduled discussions throughout the conference for group chats with presenters
    • Message boards for attendee collaboration and idea generation
    • CLOSING COMMENTS: Join the presenters in the Drone Café for one last opportunity to ask questions of the UAV World Conference presenters and your fellow attendees. Take the time now to step up future business meetings with your new industry connections.
  • Resource Centre & Help Desk: This is the virtual information center providing content from sessions, provided exhibitor information, and any documents for download, with search and bookmark tools.
    • UAV World Conference team members will be at the help chat desk for any and all questions.
  • Resources: After the UAV World Conference is complete, all of the sessions, including the live questions and answers from the session will be available as VOD.